The membership criteria of the society are as follows :

1. Full Member : Any MBBS with postgraduate degree or diploma related to management of Spinal Cord disorder with a subscription of Rs. 2000 /- for life membership of Rs. 500 /- for annual membership.

2. Associate Members : Any doctor without post graduate qualification and involved or interested in treatment or rehabilitation of persons with Spinal Cord problems with a subscription of Rs. 1000 /- (life).

3. Allied Members : Any medical or paramedical professionals involved or interested in spinal injuries or diseases with a subscription of Rs. 500 /- (life).

Be a part of this promising State Chapter of Spinal Cord Society (India) to enhance and encourage the scientific and social responsibilities for those suffering humanities. This society will organize different seminars, camps, conferences, journal, etc. at due time which will be notified to all the members. The present Executive committee looks forward to extend hand with co-operation to every doctor working on spinal cord injury or diseases for any sort of assistance related to their profession and updatation.

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